OSYPAA was created in 2011 by a group of young people in Eugene. Roughly a year after hosting WACYPAA the young people’s committee in Eugene was struggling to find a purpose. No longer acting as a bid committee for WACYPAA the unity among YPAA’s in the area had dwindled considerably. Looking to unify the area, and ultimately the entire state, the group then known as EASYPAA (Eugene and Springfield Young People in Alcoholics Anonymous) would vote to disband. They immediately reformed as the first ever OSYPAA host committee.

Oregon State Young People in Alcoholics Anonymous is a committee whose intent is to have a yearly conference in Oregon that will enrich and strengthen the young people’s fellowship across the state. OSYPAA’s aim is to reach young people in sobriety and carry the message of AA’s Twelve Steps while demonstrating that life as a sober young person is both exciting and worthwhile.

Host Cities:

OSYPAA 1 Eugene 
OSYPAA 2 Bend 
OSYPAA 3 Grants Pass 
OSYPAA 4 Salem 
OSYPAA 5 Eugene
OSYPAA 6 Portland 
OSYPAA 7 Grants Pass 
OSYPAA 8 Bend 
OSYPAA 9 Salem